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The 'Tampa Bay Homeless Resource Wiki is a a collaborative website where advocates, service providers, people in need and people helping those in need can share and find information on services, resources, news and volunteer opportunities to end homelessness in Tampa Bay.

This wiki was started by the Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County to provide a central point of collaboration and a channel to disseminate all types of information and tools to use in helping homeless citizens and meeting the ultimate goal of Places for People - The 10-year Plan to End Homelessness. Anyone can contribute to the wiki - it is a volunteer-driven resource that can be edited by any user. If you want to help, we invite you to view our training videos, learn some basic wiki-editing skills and jump in!

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Training Resources
Videos: Introduction and Search | Creating an Account | How to Edit a Wiki Page

NEW TRAINING VIDEOS! General Introduction | Categories part 1 | Categories part 2

PowerPoint: Presentation from Wikimania 2007 (using wikis with social service resources)
Wiki Helpers: Wikia Tutorial
Documentation: Site and Discussion Board Instructions | Site Guidelines and Help
Other: Sandbox (for testing edits)

Wiki Training pdf

Info & News
Welcome! The Main Categories panel (above) will navigate you to the primary homeless services sections of this site. Moreover, a detailed categories list (at the bottom of this page) is available to you. Instructions on how to use this Wiki resource is provided within the Users panel, below.

If you are unable to locate a particular item, try searching this site within the Search panel. Below that is where you can Add a Resource should the item not be already listed.

Our goal is to offer a more complete resource for the homeless by providing greater knowledge in a more efficient way. Please help us with this goal by participating as a contributor. You can add and edit resources at any time--thus helping to make this site the definitive homeless resource.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to add new features, please contact the administrators. Thank you.

About this Site and Staff

  • OFFICIAL LAUNCH! - Tampa Bay Homeless Resource is officially launching November 20, 2009.

Useful Resources
Here are some popular handouts, brochures, training material, and misc literature used by the homeless and advocate community.

2011 Street Survival Guide

2009 Pocket Street Survival Guide

Hurricane Preparedness Info for Homeless Persons

Don't see what you're looking for? Check the Documentation Page.

Agency: Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County


  • We are doing prep work these days and need your help!  We have a target launch date of November 20th!

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